A castle for the Castle

A castle for the Castle

A one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament from our beloved Nijenrode Castle in your tree this Christmas? It's possible! This year the Nyenrode Fund proudly presents the Nyenrode Christmas ornament. A real eye-catcher for the tree!

With a donation of at least 20 Euros (25 US Dollar) you will receive one copy of this unique collector's item. With a donation of 100 Euros (110 US Dollar) you will receive two and with a donation of 250 Euros (270 US Dollar) or more you will receive three Christmas ornaments. What a nice thing to give away!

All proceeds go to the Nyenrode Heritage Fund to preserve our valuable heritage for future generations.

After receiving your donation, we can send the Christmas ornament by post, but of course you can also pick it up at Nyenrode in Breukelen or Amsterdam. We will send you a message about this soon.

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